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The College of Management at National Cheng Kung University was established in 1955 and enjoys a long history.  It has cultivated more than 20,000 high-quality and socially responsible professionals and outstanding business leaders for Taiwan.  They consistently devote themselves to society, and serve in many leadership positions, such as government ministers (Wang Chien-hsuan, Wu Po-hsiung), city mayor (Su Nan-cheng), company chairmen (Chen Tsai-lai, Hsu Hung-ta, Wang Ching-yi, Chen Yao, Lu Feng-hai, Wei Hsing-hsiung), school president (Liu Shui-shen), directors general (such as Ministry of Economic Affairs Wang Pai-po, Director General of the Institute of the Ministry of Transportation Huang Te-Chih, Treasury Director General Tsai Ching-nien), general managers, and professional managers of all walks of life.  Based on several surveys the graduates of this college are “most-welcomed” by all business enterprises for ten years running.

Currently, the College has five departments and eleven institutes offering undergraduate and graduate programs.  The total enrollment of students is approximately 2,902. Within the college, there are 108 faculty (assistant professors or above) and two dedicated buildings with a total floor space of 2,500 square meters.  In addition to professional faculty, well equipped instruments and research buildings provide students with high quality learning environments.

I am honored to have been the dean of the College of Management since October 1st, 2007. Based on the mission of the College of Management: truth and knowledge, pragmatism and innovation, growth and excellence; I proposed the following approaches to achieve these goals:

Action Plan
Promote multiple assessment and incentives, so that teachers’ performance in teaching and research can be assessed fairly.

1. Overall aspects
(1) Promote the works of the Center for Faculty Development (including planning team, teaching team, and evaluation team). Set up mentoring system in which senior professors take the lead, and assist teachers in growth and development of their academic career. The ultimate goal is to promote the quality and content of management education.
(2) Promote AACSB certification. Elevate College's quality of teaching, research, and service. We expect ourselves to become one of the top universities of the world.
(3) Plan the expansion of the college's building to increase teaching and research space. Improve teaching hardware and software, head towards our goal of using electronic technology in all aspects of the College, and increase student's knowledge and ability in their professional fields.

2. Teaching Excellence
(1) Encourage and reward teachers to improve their teaching methods, and set up multiple assessment and e-teaching platform. By doing so, teachers can improve their teaching quality.
(2) Encourage teachers in the college to offer courses in English writing for thesis paper in master and PhD classes, and to share experiences of publishing articles domestically and internationally.
(3) Establish system to select teachers strictly and to encourage teachers to upgrade and improve their teaching quality.
(4) Invite internationally renowned masters and foreign professors to offer courses in English and promote dual degree.
(5) Through case study, international conference participation, social participation, and character education, we cultivate students to have the capabilities of creative cooperation, leadership, foreign language abilities, and humanities.

3. Research Aspect
(1) Through the Mentoring System, we build up researching teams among different fields and help teachers publish articles on SCI/SSCI and offer rewards.
(2) Integrate colleges and departments, utilize resources and equipment, enhance interaction and cooperation among universities, colleges, and departments, and improve research quality and gain a high level status and reputation.
(3) Hold international academic conference regularly, and promote interaction with foreign universities and help students build up an international perspective and increase the popularity of the College.
(4) Promote the publication of Asia Pacific Management Review by the College and gradually reach the goal of being listed in SCI/SSCI as an international periodical.

4. Services and industry cooperation aspect
(1) Build up a good relationship with industry and alumni, promote the interaction between academic field and industry, and solve problems in industry and to expand available resources in College.
(2) Satisfy the demands of society by offering continuing education for senior managers and implement the idea of lifelong learning.
(3) Hold forums regularly in which professors, staff members, and students can discuss and solve problems faced.
(4) Encourage teachers to participate in industry development conferences and government policy discussions related to management. Through these participations, newest information can be obtained and shared quickly.
(5) Hold Management and Humanities Lectures regularly to educate teachers and students to understand the importance of humanity and caring for our society.

Finally, I hope to integrate resources from different departments, and have internationalization and innovation as core concepts combined with humanities and improvement to search for excellence and achieve the goal of becoming a top College of Management.

Dean of College of Management 

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